‘Skinny’ eating

One of my favorite websites this past year for recipes has been Gina’s Skinny Recipes. She posts some amazing recipes, re-worked to be lower calorie while not losing any of the flavor. Oh my word, this woman knows what she’s doing! Some of our favorite recipes have come from Gina’s blog, and several of the dishes we’ve tried have been such a hit, we’ve made them multiple times. One of my favorites this winter has been her Baked Potato Soup, which uses cauliflower brilliantly to lighten up the soup while keeping the potato flavor.

Something that I can’t do, though, is use non-fat dairy products. After learning about the process of removing fat from dairy and the negative effects it can have on your health, I’ve gone back to using full-fat dairy. Plus, research has been showing that the fats in dairy are good fats, which we need in our diet anyway. I would much rather cut out processed sugars from my cooking to lower the fat, rather than cut out nutrient-rich dairy fats.

That being said, I still love Gina’s recipes. I just use full-fat dairy when she calls for non-fat. 😉 She is very creative with substitutions for sugars, which I definitely appreciate, and she has a full nutritional break-down for each recipe. (When I sub full-fat dairy, I use this recipe analyzer to re-calculate the nutritional information.) For a good selection of Skinnytaste recipes, check out her Top 20 Skinny Recipes for 2011, along with her Personal Top 12.

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Better bread.

We’ve come down with the plague here in Shermanville (ok, it’s only a cold/flu, but it feels like the plague) and neither Josh nor I have had the energy to do any cooking whatsoever. The most effort we want to put into making food right now is toasting bread and putting on the kettle. Today, while we were in the store stocking up on Throat Coat, we passed by the bread section and I decided to do something that I haven’t done in several months: buy bread.

A while back, I was looking at ways to remove processed foods from our diet while cutting back on our grocery costs. A simple answer was staring me right in the face: I’ve had a bread maker sitting on a shelf in my kitchen for ages, and have barely used it. Why not bake our own bread at home? Not only would it be cheaper over the long run, I would also have complete control over what went into our bread. After a couple trial loaves, I realized that I preferred removing the dough from the machine before it baked; the resulting loaf from a bread machine is pretty dense, while loaves baked in a conventional oven are just so much, well, better.

Today, however, I didn’t even have the energy to throw in the ingredients for our favorite honey whole wheat loaf for toast. The very thought of pulling out my bread machine made me tired, so we just bought a loaf from the store. Later, as Josh and I were munching on our toast, he turned to me and said, “You’ve ruined me.” Yeah, dude, I’ve ruined myself, too. As soon as I have the energy, I’m putting the bread maker back to work!

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Whole Foods giveaway!

I found this on Twitter tonight: Whole Foods has a great Pantry Stock Up List on their blog, and in celebration of the New Year they’re having a giveaway! All you have to do is shoot them an email telling them what healthy pantry items are a must in your kitchen. Easy, right? So go do it!

Thanks to knit1eat1 for the heads up. 🙂

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Christmas in Shermanville


Tutorial here.

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Real dairy, please.

Of all the things in our fridge that we use on a regular basis, coffee creamer is one of the most important in our house. Coffee is something we consume every day, and even though we love it with just a little half & half along with honey or agave nectar, we also dig it with a little flavor. Unfortunately, most of the ‘creamers’ on grocers’ shelves usually have nothing to do with any form of dairy. It’s really frightening to think that those containers can sit out, unrefrigerated, for long periods of time and still be consumable. Gross, right?

So when I saw these recipes for home-made flavored coffee creamers, I jumped on the chance to wean us off of the fake stuff. These creamers are so easy to make, the flavors are just right (I think) and they’re sweetened with maple syrup. The only thing I do differently with these is use all half & half, instead of half whole milk and half heavy cream. It’s just easier for me that way.

We used Pumpkin Spice creamer for quite some time this fall, then tried Pepperment Mocha right before Christmas. Josh thought it was too peppermint-y, but I thought it was just right. 😀 I think we’ll be trying the French Vanilla next, although I still have plenty of pumpkin and can eat or drink pumpkin anything all year long…

What do you like in your morning cup of joe?

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My story.

I’ve always been a relatively healthy person. No real diseases or conditions to speak of, I thought I was doing pretty good all through college and the years following. I probably relied on junk food a little too much, but I figured I was so busy with my studies (and later, work) and it was perfectly normal to eat out most of the time and make a few meals at home.

Right after Josh and I got engaged, I discovered through my doctor that I had an underachieving thyroid. Continue reading

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My husband and I love food. Ever since we started dating, we’ve been on a quest to find the best food in Seattle, and eventually when we got married that quest changed to making the best food in Seattle! In the year and a half we’ve been married, we’ve discovered new ingredients, techniques and tools to aid us in this quest.

For a while, now, I’ve wanted to document our food discoveries in a blog, and the time has come for me to make this happen. Here, I hope to share our inspirations and creations. I’m compiling a blogroll of other food blogs we read and use, along with links to some other sources. I’ll probably be throwing in a few of my creative exploits here and there, so I’ve also included links to some of the crafty/DIY/design blogs I draw inspiration from. My main craft is, of course, knitting; those particular exploits can be found on my knitting blog. Josh’s adventures in sound and recording are at the Mezzanine Floor Studios blog. 🙂

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