Real dairy, please.

Of all the things in our fridge that we use on a regular basis, coffee creamer is one of the most important in our house. Coffee is something we consume every day, and even though we love it with just a little half & half along with honey or agave nectar, we also dig it with a little flavor. Unfortunately, most of the ‘creamers’ on grocers’ shelves usually have nothing to do with any form of dairy. It’s really frightening to think that those containers can sit out, unrefrigerated, for long periods of time and still be consumable. Gross, right?

So when I saw these recipes for home-made flavored coffee creamers, I jumped on the chance to wean us off of the fake stuff. These creamers are so easy to make, the flavors are just right (I think) and they’re sweetened with maple syrup. The only thing I do differently with these is use all half & half, instead of half whole milk and half heavy cream. It’s just easier for me that way.

We used Pumpkin Spice creamer for quite some time this fall, then tried Pepperment Mocha right before Christmas. Josh thought it was too peppermint-y, but I thought it was just right. πŸ˜€ I think we’ll be trying the French Vanilla next, although I still have plenty of pumpkin and can eat or drink pumpkin anything all year long…

What do you like in your morning cup of joe?


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Born and bred Colorado girl, livin' it up in the Emerald City.
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