‘Skinny’ eating

One of my favorite websites this past year for recipes has been Gina’s Skinny Recipes. She posts some amazing recipes, re-worked to be lower calorie while not losing any of the flavor. Oh my word, this woman knows what she’s doing! Some of our favorite recipes have come from Gina’s blog, and several of the dishes we’ve tried have been such a hit, we’ve made them multiple times. One of my favorites this winter has been her Baked Potato Soup, which uses cauliflower brilliantly to lighten up the soup while keeping the potato flavor.

Something that I can’t do, though, is use non-fat dairy products. After learning about the process of removing fat from dairy and the negative effects it can have on your health, I’ve gone back to using full-fat dairy. Plus, research has been showing that the fats in dairy are good fats, which we need in our diet anyway. I would much rather cut out processed sugars from my cooking to lower the fat, rather than cut out nutrient-rich dairy fats.

That being said, I still love Gina’s recipes. I just use full-fat dairy when she calls for non-fat. πŸ˜‰ She is very creative with substitutions for sugars, which I definitely appreciate, and she has a full nutritional break-down for each recipe. (When I sub full-fat dairy, I use this recipe analyzer to re-calculate the nutritional information.) For a good selection of Skinnytaste recipes, check out her Top 20 Skinny Recipes for 2011, along with her Personal Top 12.


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